I've been Smitten

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

She Definitely Has It

Okay, I'm talking about my daughter and her OCD. Today I was vacuuming and while unplugging the vacuum I accidentally hit the reset button on the carbon monoxide detector. Extremely loud, high pitched beeps occurred. Immediate tears followed. Then I confirmed her syndrome. All day and I mean ALL DAY, she asked if the beeps were done. She asked it when sitting on the potty. She asked it while I was getting her yogurt. She asked it when we were coloring. Mid sentence she would just stop and ask "the beeps done mommy?" I assured her each and every time with a little smirk that the beeps were in fact done, but she kept asking. My question is...does she ask because she doesn't believe me or does she need constant reassuring? Is either one okay? Does she need to see a psychiatrist? It's just one more thing to worry about when you have kids.

She is watching Upside down show, sitting on the potty. She comes over to me says "I have to go potty...beeps are done?" IYIYI!!! Oh and I'm writing this about 4 hours after the beeps occurred.

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