I've been Smitten

Monday, May 19, 2008


Some of you may know this about me. Some of you don't. I have a thing with numbers. Not that I am a mathematician. Rather numbers follow me. The house I grew up in was 123. Then the township came along and changed all the addresses. My house number became 345. My condo's number was 234. I now live at 12. Okay that's not all. My husband came home for the first time to meet me on the 26th of October. He then came home again on the 26th of January for a Superbowl party. Then he moved home for good on the 26th of February. We got our golden Retreiver on the 26th of March. I do not plan these things they just happen.

Like I said I don't think about these things but, when certain numbers appear I can't help but to ponder what will happen. I don't act on it per say. I mean I don't alter the way the number might affect me.

Okay so let me explain. We bought a bedroom set for our daughter my order number was 911. Due to the travesty that occurred on that day I did think hmmm... maybe this is an omen. But alas we completed the sale and picked up our furniture the next weekend. After we got it home, my husband began assemble the various pieces. Well they forgot to put the headboard on the truck. So he had to go back and now wait in line to get it. Once assembled we decided that the bed was too high for our precious princess and we called to get a lower boxspring. After about 10 phone calls with a multitude of disconnects and reroutes we decided that it was too much money to change the boxspring. Guess what happens next... she falls out of bed.

So the latest number mishap occurred this weekend. It again involves the now forever cursed date of 9-11. After talking about and practically begging the last 3 weeks for a swingset, we finally had the chance to purchase one for our daughter this weekend. Now I don't like to talk money but it is significant in this case. Our bill came to $911 and some change. I should have bought a pack of batteries to change the amount of the sale. When we pulled around back to pick up the swingset there was one guy in the loading docks.We got the last set and that set wasn't even supposed to be sold, it was on hold for someone else. I should have told him that we would come back. He put the first box on a dolly a wheeled it over to the truck. It was extremely heavy. He banged the dolly up against the truck and put two huge dents in our tailgate. Now I'm not one to complain but I did go into the store and tell the manager. He assured me that it would be taken care of by Monday, today. No word yet but I'm sure they will rectify this situation, I'm not worried.

So the saying goes...Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me. I am going to now start listening to the numbers.

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