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Thursday, May 8, 2008

I Took the Plunge

Okay girls, last night I had a revelation. I gave my daughter a bath, went through the normal night time routine with her, and was feeding the baby when my husband said "I'm taking the dog for a walk." Immediate jealousy ensued. Why? Because he again got to leave the crazy house that I have been stuck in for a month.

I used to walk just about everyday before I got pregnant with my son. I lost alot of weight. I think I was almost at my highschool weight. I was lookin good there for a while. A short while.
Today I visited the Weight Watchers web site at least three times. I don't think I'm ready for hard core dieting yet. But I gotta admit it felt real good walking. I downloaded some new songs onto the IPOD and headed out. Now I will say that I was winded after about 3 blocks. I don't mean city blocks, I mean concrete blocks. I walked my old route with my 130 lb Golden Retriever in tow.
I feel like a whole new woman. My mind is clear. Who knew? I thought blogging was my therapy. Now that I am walking again...look out world. I may just start golfing. Then I'll have it all.

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