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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I Missed Earth Day but...

We decided late Sunday afternoon to take the kids to the park. Past experiences have shown that it's better to go during meal times, it seems less crowded. So I packed some sandwiches and we headed out. As we were walking up to the playground area I noticed a party under the gazebo and about 500 kids on the slide. A big sarcastic GREAT! Now a little background...my daughter is very shy. She is the kid that will let everyone go in front of her and stare them all down as if they had just stolen her Care Bear. So of course I'm expecting to just stand on the sidelines and peoplewatch with her. But to my surprise she actually plays. And with a little nudge from Daddy goes down the big slide.

Back to why I am writing this. There were older kids there about 12 yrs old, and they are a little rough. But I watch my 2yr old navigate her way around them. I am trying not to be one of those over-protective moms. The older kids are running around with Capri Suns in their mouths. And I watch as two of them finish their drinks and throw the empty pouches on the ground. They did this right next to me and right next to the steps that my daughter is using to get to the slide. I feel my blood boil. I am adamantly opposed to littering. And these little pissants didn't even care that a grown up (I can't believe that is how I am describing myself) was standing right there. So now I ponder. Do I go over to the little brats, grab them both by the ears and rub their noses in the playground mulch? Do I find their parents and do the same to them just for their lack of parenting? Do I just let it go because they are not my kids and I really should not care? Well of course I could not let it go. It bothered me. Had they thrown them on the outer edge of the playground I probably would of been able to let it slide(no pun intended). But because I have always taught my daughter to use the waste basket and because she also has a slight case of OCD, she was also bothered by the trash. She simply could not go up the stairs without saying "Trash, mommy trash?!?" So of course the next time one of those little rugrats came by me I told him that he dropped something and he should pick it up and throw it in the proper receptacle. To my surprise he did!! And he did it without flipping me off or gathering the rest of his gang and jumping me. I hope that I taught my little friends a valuable lesson and maybe they will think twice about littering next time.

Keep Our Earth Clean...DON'T LITTER!!!

Oh and as a side note, I noticed that there are not nearly enough trash receptacles at the park. So in addition to my emails to the mayor about speed humps, I will also be adding trash cans.


nikki said...

I read your blog everyday... I am so happy you said something to those little jerks! Guaranteed they will think of you everytime they are about to "drop" something. I love it!

P.S. I have sent multiple emails to the mayor of Wash Twp regarding speed humps (no luck yet!). I will now be sending an email about trash bins. - nikki c

Barb McD said...

Amanda, honey.... I knew I raised you with a great concern for the earth. And I learned it from Lady Byrd Johnson "Keep America Beautiful." Love, Mom