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Thursday, May 22, 2008

How I Found Out who Won...

You all know that the feeding times of a newborn are unpredictable. As is the sleeping schedules of said newborn's parents. So last night we were watching American Idol and trying to put our newborn down for the night. Normally he would be sleeping in the swing and we would be sleeping on the couch but we are trying to get him to sleep in his crib. And we wanted to see if he would be able sleep on his back and not in the carseat. We were not successful.

He started to freak out and I began trying to hold him off from eating until he's "due". But of course he was starting to get really hungry so with five minutes to go til the end of American Idol I decided to take him downstairs to feed him in the quiet. My husband stayed upstairs to watch. We have a DVR so no sweat, I'll find out who wins tomorrow morning. My husband fell asleep. So at 6 AM we come downstairs to feed our newborn and watch American Idol before the news ruins the surprise of the winner. We fast forward through 2 hours of singing and dancing.

As a sidenote what's with all the old performers. I mean Donna Summer, ZZ Top, Bryan Adams, Crosby Still and Nash, blah, blah blah. How old are these people? The only one that looked good was George Michael. I swear he hasn't aged a day.

Anyway we get to the end, and if anyone has a DVR you know that it only tapes the time slot. So if the show goes over even a second it cuts it off. We get to the end and the excitement is building my husband and I waiting with baited breath. With three minutes left of taped show and Ryan Seacrest prolonging the announcement, as he always does, we glance at each other and say it's going to be cut off. We just knew it was going to be cut off. And so Ryan start with the normal speech...yadda yadda, 12 million votes the winner is David...and I swear the DVR cut off at that exact moment. Nineteen weeks of faithful watching. Nineteen weeks of critique, like we are rock stars and know what's good singing and what's not. We would sit and say oh her voice is flat and ooo that sounded out of pitch. Who are we? But we loved this show we were loyal watchers. The disappointment of not hearing who the winner was from Ryan was devastating. So I turn on Fox News because they are sure to be reporting the story. Nope. I turn on the computer, surely they have it posted on the website. Nope. Finally I go on American Idol.com and discover the winner's is in fact David Cook. I'm happy for David Cook. I would have been happy for David Archeleta. But the whole season of endless entertainment has been ruined by a rented piece of equipment.
I have a love hate relationship with my DVR. I think Comcast needs to work out some kinks if they are going to keep charging ever increasing rates for mediocre technology.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Amanda,
Thought this might help. From the main menu of the DVR you can set up the recording time to extend past the allotted time slot. I believe that you can set up the recording to end 5, 10, 15 minutes after the show ends.
I had to learn the hard way myself…
Have a nice weekend!
Brien- Nikki’s fiancĂ©.