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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Betcha didn't know...

Okay, so I had the pleasure of my grandmother visiting last week. She spent all day Thursday and bits and pieces of the next couple days here. It was great having some help, it makes me want to drive into Port Richmond every Monday and Wednesday night so I can have my own personal Granny Nanny on the days when my daughter is home.
It also was a great reminder of my childhood. See my grandmother stayed with us two to three weekends a month back then. She is a wonderful playmate. But I also realized something. I got a little of my crazy from her. I've been coaborating with my cousin to put together a list of the wacky things she says. Betcha didn't know the following things. Hopefully none of these things have ever happened to anyone.
1. If you put your face next to the moving fan it will distort your face.
2. If you make a funny face and someone hits your back your face will stay that way.
3. She used to bring us Mary Jane candies, but tell us not to eat them because the peanut butter inside has worms in it.
4. Pearls bring tears. We were never allowed to wear them.
5. She told me the other day that I needed to put socks on because if I walk around in bare feet I could break my back.
6. She told my cousin the other day that she was going to get a cold in her kidneys because her shirt did not cover her back when she bent over. That's right girls...A COLD in her KIDNEYS
7. God made man to hurt woman
8. If you drink too fast you will get a cold in your stomach. Maybe that's why I felt so horrible the morning after partying.
9. This is my favorite...She told me that my daughter was surely getting a cold because her poop smelled. (doesn't poop smell anyway)
Along with all the crazy she is an awesome grandmom. She is the most loving and always wanted the best for us. Even though she always loved the boys better than the girls...especially my brother. He can do no wrong and you can not talk bad about him in her presence.

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