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Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Ants Go Marching...or Do They?

I've been at war four years now. I have fought long. I have fought hard. I actually thought this might be the year of my demise. And I think the white flag may soon be flying. But I'm not going to be the one waving it. Many might be fighting the same battle but too embarrassed to admit it. I.....have.....ants. Now I've had them since we moved here. In fact, there were ant traps on the counters the day we were handed the keys. They only come during the spring. They are only in the kitchen. I thought I may have demolished their little colony when we totally renovated the kitchen last summer. I mean we gutted the kitchen for Pete's sake. New everything. But noooooo. There they were, the first warm day of spring. I've tried every kind of ant trap out there.

This year they really ticked me off. They might have won had they just stayed away from the baby's bottles. See I use the Dr. Brown bottles. And as many of you know there are 5 different pieces to each bottle. So, now I find myself washing and rewashing. It got to be very bothersome.

So I called in a professional. I called him in to spray everywhere because I also get these incredibly humongous spiders in my family room. He was aware of the ant problem and assured me that they would slowly dissipate. Well it's been two weeks and the exterminator has had come out again. But finally they are starting to die off...slowly. Victory is Mine!!!!

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