I've been Smitten

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


On Monday night after endless promises of M&M's and new toys, after a guarantee of a second swingset, after an entire day of enticing, while in the bathtub my daughter says "I'm poopin, I'm poopin!!!" I swooped her out of the tub and placed her dripping wet on the potty. And finally AHHHHH!!!! We got her. I immediately began the dance of the century and we got dressed and went to Target for her promised reward. We came back with a big, blue bear that we can color.
As for day number two she left one little nugget about every hour on the hour. Sometimes she did two and she told me,"I did two yeah!" My sister-in-law thinks that she was doing that to accumulate as many M&M's as she could. I'm just happy that for now there will be no fighting. I'm sure that we will have setbacks but I think I may have won a point for Team Parent.

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